Fireside Options

Homeowners all over the country have come to realize the allure of fire in their backyards. Fire brings warmth, glow and serenity, encouraging us to relax and unwind. Fire features enrich your outdoor living space and turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary inviting conversation that flows well into the night – even when there is chill in the air. Whether you want the atmosphere or like the warmth, fire is a great addition to your outdoor space. Choose from our many fireside options! At Streets, we can provide you with fire pits, fireplaces, and stoves. A fire pit is perfect to gather around with friends and family to roast marshmallows or cook hotdogs. If you are looking for a homey atmosphere, a fireplace might be more suitable for you. However, both our fire pits and fireplaces are perfect for large and small gatherings with friends and family.

Fire Pits

Fireplaces & Stoves