Outdoor Kitchens

Are You Designing An Outdoor KItchen?

Visit our outdoor showroom with two functioning kitchens. Let our designer help you design your entire outdoor space. Bring your drawing or sketch With you and let us make recommendations. Its better to spend more time on the actual design. After construction it is very expensive to change things that could have easily been corrected in the pen and paper phase.

Eastern Shore Outdoor Living is a representative for most quality brands of Grills, Refrigerators, IceMakers, SideBurners, Griddles, etc. If you need us to source an Item, we can most likely get whatever you want.

Let Us Provide You With Everything For Your Outdoor Kitchen

At ESOL, we offer a variety of products for your outdoor kitchen such as grills, grill islands, cabinets, doors & drawers, stone, and appliances.

When designing an outdoor kitchen, it is important to have an understanding of all of your options. Browse the links below to decide what you want to include in your new outdoor kitchen.

Most kitchens include a grill, appliances, doors & drawers, stone and cabinetry.


For those men and women who enjoy cooking outside, a grill is your perfect match. Whether you are cooking vegetables or meat, your grill will help fill your hunger. Grilling is perfect for outside festivities or large parties. When friends and family come over, they will love the delicious food you cook on your new grill.

Grill Islands

If you want an outdoor kitchen without the hassle of designing it yourself, a grill island is the best match for you. These prefabricated kitchens are simple, easily installed, and offer customers several basic options to chose from. If you are wanting a quick and easy kitchen, try our grill islands offered by Lion, Eldorado Stone, and AOG.


By handpicking your appliances, your new kitchen can be personalized to do everything you dreamed of. From fridges to side burners and beverage coolers, we offer everything you could want in your new cooking space. Our appliances offered by Firemagic, Summit, Blaze, AOG, and Lion allow you to maximize your new space to its greatest potential.

Doors and Drawers

Everyone needs room to put their utensils and cooking supplies. With our doors and drawers, you will be able to optimize the storage in your new kitchen. We offer a variety of sizes and styles from companies such as Firemagic, AOG, Blaze, and Lion.


For those of you who plan on having doors and drawers in your kitchen, cabinets are the best way to build your foundation. With cabinets from Eldorado Stone, your kitchen is proven to withhold the forces of nature. These concrete pieces hold your kitchen together behind the scenes.


The finishing touch to every kitchen is the stonework. Whether you want to create a veneer for your kitchen or layout a patio area with pavers, we have the right stone for you. With many styles and colors, all of our options come from Eldorado Stone and Tremron. We even offer brick options!