Outdoor Living Areas

Have You Been Wanting An Outdoor Living Room?

An outdoor living area provides the perfect mixture of the indoors and outdoors. Contrary to an outdoor patio, you will be protected from the sun & heat in this outdoor living room. While enjoying the natural surroundings of your yard, you can also enjoy the luxuries of being out of the Sun and Rain. These spaces are perfect for having friends over or making memories with family.

Come To Streets!

To maximize your comfort, you will want to browse through the links below. We offer many products to transform your outdoor living space. From curtains, to furniture, fireplaces, and heaters, we have everything to bring comfort outdoors.

Let us design your own outdoor living room!


Pavers can totally transform your outdoor living space. With the help of these stone or brick slabs, you can revamp your flooring from a patio made with grass, wood, concrete, or dirt flooring to something life lasting. Our pavers from Eldorado Stone and Tremron are each unique and authentic. They are built to withstand the wear and tear of the great outdoors.


When designing an outdoor living space, outdoor furniture is essential. Not only do you need quality furniture to withstand outdoor conditions, but you also need something comfortable and attractive. With options from Seaside Casuals and Pawleys Island, we guarantee you will find something to satisfy your wants and needs.


Homeowners all over the country have come to realize the allure of fire in their backyards. Fire brings warmth, glow and serenity, encouraging us to relax and unwind. Fire features enrich your outdoor living space and turn your patio into an outdoor sanctuary inviting conversation that flows well into the night – even when there is chill in the air. Whether you want the atmosphere or like the warmth, fire is a great addition to your outdoor space. The hearth of a fireplace does a great job of making your outdoor living room feel like home.

Screens and Curtains

A room is only a room if it is enclosed. Use our screens or curtains to create a space shielded from the elements of the outside world. If you want something more permanent and stable, our screens from Titan are just for you. In contrast, if you want something more flexible and breathable, our curtains from Pawleys Island are your match.


If you get chilly easily or live in a cold area, our infrared heaters are perfect for you. With the capability of being mounted almost anywhere, these heaters can keep you comfortable even during a frigid winter. Do not let the winter keep you from enjoying your outdoor living room! Instead, treat yourself to one of our single or double element heaters from Infratech.