Outdoor Heating

If you get chilly easily or live in a cold area, our infrared heaters are perfect for you. Our outdoor heating options are perfect for your new space. With the capability of being mounted almost anywhere, these outdoor heaters can keep you comfortable even during a frigid winter. Do not let the winter keep you from enjoying your outdoor living room! Instead, treat yourself to one of our single or double element heaters from Infratech.

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Infratech Heaters USA

Today more and more people are entertaining outdoors, restaurants continue to invest in creating comfortable, more elegant spaces for their guests to enjoy.
Home owners are installing elaborate outdoor living spaces that include, pizza ovens, outdoor televisions, high end grills and other amenities. In the past when temperatures dropped you were forced to go indoors, bundle up in winter coats or heat your area with large, inefficient gas or propane heaters.

Now with Infratech Electric Heaters – there’s a better option. An Infratech heater uses infrared radiant heat transfer to heat the objects around it. The heated quartz element in an Infratech heater emits a safe, clean wavelength of light to transfer heat directly to a chair, table or person. Rather than heating the air, radiant energy is only absorbed by an object and is not wasted heating the air. Because our source of infrared energy is enclosed in our quartz elements, it is not affected by the wind. For this reason, Infrared heat can be distributed evenly unlike gas or propane heaters and will not blow away in windy or drafty conditions. It’s a great choice for any outdoor living space or areas where spot heat is needed.

Infratech medium wave quartz element heaters are designed to emit a barely discernible, pleasing glow that will not affect the ambiance of your gathering. Unlike short wave or halogen electric heaters that use very bright colored light that can cast a harsh glare. Infrared heat is growing in popularity in part because it is a great fit with sustainability trends in home and landscape design. Eco friendly electric infrared heating system operate silently and produce zero negative emissions and no harsh odors. They are safe for rooms in areas like outdoor rooms, terraces, gazebos and patios. Our UL/CUL listed for both indoor and outdoor use and have minimal clearance requirements. They’re also energy efficient, converting over 90% input energy directly into radiant heat and cost only pennies per hour to operate.